28 February 2008


Fr. V. at Adam’s Ale explains what all those fancy gold – and sometimes silver - things are at Exposition and Benediction. He also has a moving reflection on his satisfaction with the priesthood.

Thomas, that American Papist, is looking for fans on Facebook. He wants 500 fans by March 15th. If you’re on Facebook go help him out. I did. He also points us to an article confirming global cooling and an increase in the polar ice caps. I hope my high school students are paying attention (it’s what I’ve been telling them all along).

There is an excellent article on the history and development of the chasuble – the outer vestment worn by the priest at Mass – at The Saint Bede Studio. I tip my capello to Thom for this one.

Fr. Selvester offers proof that the Holy Father does not – contrary to the many media claims – were Prada shoes. He found the cobbler’s web site (who also made shoes for Pope John Paul II).

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