15 February 2005

The Scribe of the Servant and Steward

As this post is being typed, I am simply sitting in my chair at my desk speaking out loud into a microphone and my new computer program simply types in what I say. It is a lot of fun and I do wish I had been begun to use it some time ago. I am still in the process of training the program in the way that I speak and in recognition of my own voice. I think this training will take several more days as the two of us learn to work with each other.

I think this new software will come in very handy when I sit down to prepare homilies and letters and e-mail. Because I think faster than I type I now can simply speak what I'm thinking - which I think everyone will agree that I'm good at doing - and have all my thoughts recorded for me. It is like having my very own scribe :-).

13 February 2005

The Extermination of Chivalry

This weekend I returned to Springfield to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception for the Rite of Election and the Call to Continuing Conversion. Those catechumens of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois - those seeking Baptism at Easter - were accepted by Bishop Lucas and enrolled among the Elect of God. Those who are seeking the completion of their Christian Initiation at Easter were encouraged to grow in conversion and love of the Lord.

The Rite itself is one of my favorite liturgies of the Church. What joy filled my heart as I served as deacon this evening and looked upon the congregation. The Cathedral was packed, filled with those seeking to follow after the Lord Jesus Christ and to receive his Body and Blood. Each year it is truly a time of great inspiration to see so many gathered in one place who have heard the Lord calling them to the Catholic Church. Praised be Jesus Christ!

After the Rite on Saturday evening, five of us were the last to the reception, an occurance that is not all too uncommon. We were two women and three men. The men were packed in the Cathedral lot just outside the doors while the women were parked in the lot across the street from the Cathedral.

We realized this shortly after the two women began to return to their car and so we three men quickly followed after them to see them to their car. Once we reached the street, the women protested, saying there were already people in the lot from the Rite and that the lot was well lit. They simply would not let us walk them to their car.

Why is it that men are no longer allowed to be gentlemen? Why are we met with complaining when we attempt to walk a lady to her car, to open a door for her, or even to stand when she arrives at table? The complaint is often heard that "chivalry is dead." I wonder instead if it has not been exterminated.

01 February 2005

The Ailing Pontiff

Please keep His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, in your prayers. As you have surely heard, the ailing Pontiff is in the hospital in Rome for precautionary measures concerning his current bout with the flu. May he be quickly restored to health and strength!