17 August 2005

Classes Begin

I am very happy to say that I have now been in my suite for almost two full weeks. The oak floors in the rooms are beautiful and, when combined with my area rug, couch, and two Queen Anne style chairs, together with a little music from Handel, provide a very peaceful and relaxing place to read and enjoy life.

Parish life continues to go very well. I am still rather amazed at how very different each and every day can be. I am also still learning that most of what I plan to do on a given day somehow never quite seems to get accomplished that day. Regardless, though, priestly life is great!

With the first week of classes just next week, I am hard at work trying to put together at least the first few lessons of my class with the juniors at the high school. Throughout the course of the year I will be teaching them Church history - all two thousand years - and the seven Sacraments. It will be a great challenge but one that I am think I am up to.

While I am teaching at the high school I will be visiting the grade school and seeing what sorts of mischieve I can cause there. One of my duties - as I am quickly learning from the grade school students themselves - is to play at recess. Apparently they can only play kickball if an adult pitches and few of the moms and dads want to pitch, so I guess it is up to me.

I think that's long enough for a post - especially since it's been so long since I've posted. It's time to run off anyway and prepare for a high school faculty meeting.

Peace and Joy,

Fr. Daren