29 July 2010

Kudos to Archbishop Lucas

A friend sent me the following story from LifeSiteNews reporting Archbishop Lucas' encouragment to oppose the opening of Planned Parenthood in Omaha. Please keep the good Archbishop in your prayers.

Where have I been?

My absence from the blogosphere these past few weeks can be easily explained.

Four weeks ago I began the move from the rectory in Virden to the rectory in Auburn, seven miles to the north. I had planned the move during what looked to be a quiet and slow week. However, as often happens, the simplicity of the week did not come about. Three parishioners in Virden died that week while three others in my other parishes were placed in hospice care.

The following week, with the help of two other priests, I took part in a retreat of sorts for high school students from across the Diocese called Theology for Teens. When spent four days with the students focusing on the Creed, the Scriptures, morals and liturgy. The week went very well and I think I may have found a couple of future priests there.

The week after Totus Tuus was held in Auburn, which kept me further away from blogging and unpacking.

This week I have been helping with Totus Tuus in Carlinville and attending several meetings. As just one example, yesterday was taken up with a three and a half hour meeting regarding new Illinois cemertery legislation (more on this later) followed by a two hour meeting to help plan for the future of our little portion of the Diocese, which goes by the name of Region 12.

In the midst of all of that, I made the mistake some days ago of attempting to back out of my garage before closing the rear passenger door. I don't recommend trying it yourself.

For the past week I was driving a rented SUV, which I did like, though I am happy now to be back in my Matrix. The SUV, though it seemed easier on my hips and knees, didn't quite handle as well as my Matrix. Maybe when it is time for a different vehicle I'll take a look at a smaller SUV.

I don't expect I'll do much blogging tonight. It seems as though I've spent more time in vehicles these past few weeks than I have in buildings. Tonight I hope to sift through a bit of email and simply take a rest.

The former regular blogging will soon resume.

26 July 2010

I can't wait!

The award winning boys choir Libera will be singing at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis (in St. Louis) at 7:30 p.m. on August 5th, 2010. I've already purchased my ticket; you can buy yours here.

And now, a little taste of the glories that await you if you attend:

24 July 2010

Pope begins work on third Jesus of Nazareth Book

Carl Olson passes on the following good news:
At long last I am able to return to the blog. A whole series of events and circumstances necessitated my absence these past few weeks, the details of which I will share tomorrow or Monday. For now, suffice it to say that I am back.

12 July 2010

Around the blogosphere

I am very much behind on my blogging due to a most chaotic week, that I hope will end peacefully tonight, though the chances of that, given this past week, seem unlikely. At any rate, here are a few things I've been waiting to post for you that you might find interesting:

05 July 2010

Calling all puppy experts

Yesterday and today my puppy, Claire, has done a most curious thing, and something she hasn't done until now (she's now about six months old).

As we were playing fetch yesterday with her stuffed dragon (her favorite toy), she brought one of her rawhide bones to me and laid it down in front of me. Thinking she wanted to play fetch with it, I gave it a toss and she whined at me.

Again this morning she brought one of her rawhide bones to me and placed it on the ground before me. This time I did not throw it. She sat down next to me, looked at it, and gave a little whine.

She doesn't want me to chew on it, does she?

Monday mirth

Father Zuhlsdorf posted a parody a seminarian sent to him of the Modern Major-General's song from The Pirates of Penzance called, "The Seminarian's Song":

The Seminarian’s Song
To the Tune of the Major-General’s Song from The Pirates of Penzance
I am the very model of Catholic seminarian
I’ve information pastoral, canonical, and Marian,
I know the Popes of Avignon and Councils Ecumenical
From Nicaea to Vatican plus gatherings heretical.
I’m very well acquainted too with matters homiletical,
I’ll write a pretty sermon that is eloquent yet practical,
About soteriology I’m teeming with a lot o’ news…
Such as salvation history’s relation to the modern Jews.
I’m very open minded, I have Sunday lunch with Protestants,
I teach them our Church History and sing it in Gregorian Chants,
In short in matters pastoral, canonical, and Marian,
I am the very model of a Catholic seminarian.

I know my ancient languages, some Latin, Greek, and Hebrew too;
I’m smart as a Dominican, I write for The Thomist review,
I quote Thomas Aquinas and I know the Summa all by heart,
I know the arguments for God from Anselm to Rene Descartes;
I am an expert without doubt in all matters liturgical,
I’ll see the rubrics carried out in fashion demiurgical!
I can intone polyphony from every epoch, school and rank…
And sing all of the arias composed by Mister Cesare Franck.
Then I can run a bingo or a bake sale in the Parish Hall,
And sell spaghetti supper tickets at the local shopping mall:
In short, in matters pastoral, canonical, and Marian,
I am the very model of a Catholic seminarian.

In fact, when I know what is meant by “Molinist” and “Arian,”
When I can rise above the title of Popish sectarian,
When such affairs as wakes and confirmations I’m more wary at,
And when each sort of imperfection, sin, and fault I can combat;
When I have learnt the progress of von Balthasar’s theology,
Converted every member of the Church of Scientology—
In short, when I’ve a smattering of basic Catholicity—
They’ll say that I’m a cleric full of goodness and simplicity.
And though my Bishop is impressed by my enormous panurgy,
The man is rather wary at my love for Latin Liturgy,
But still in matters pastoral, canonical, and Marian,
I am the very model a Catholic seminarian.
Is it bad if I only know the tune because of the Animaniacs?

Prep time

Deacon Greg Kandra offers a post describing how he prepares his Sunday homily each week. My preparation follows a similar plan.

I particularly liked his reasonings from preaching from a prepared text:

One of the valuable things about working from a text is that you can control the length of the homily -- along with the structure and direction of it. It gives the work a clear beginning, middle and end. The running time is fairly consistent: 7-8 minutes.

03 July 2010

Around the Fr. Z's blogosphere

02 July 2010

Father Barron on Independence Day

On what grounds?

Get Religionista Mollie wants to know on what grounds the Associated Press' Nicole Winfield claims that "his attempts to reinvigorate Christianity in Europe haven't succeeded and need a new boost." That is a very fine question, though I don't expect we'll have a response from Ms. Winfield.

She also tackled the New York Times' recent and renewed attack on Benedect VXI by Laurie Goodstein. In Mollie's words: "[T]he claims of the piece come nowhere near being proven," and, "It’s really disappointing, actually. The language is just so loaded and while all the quotes seem generally supportive of Ratzinger, even if critical of the mess of the Vatican’s legal system, the story relentlessly spins it against Ratzinger."

Disappointing it may be; unexpected it is not.