06 February 2008

A Catholic Mom in Hawaii has tagged me for a Lenten meme:

1. What’s been your best Lenten-effort-idea ever?

Praying the Stations of the Cross on a daily basis.

2. And your worst?

Giving up chocolate (those nasty girl scouts always delivered my thin mints half-way through Lent... Of course, now I can't seem to find any girl scouts anywhere, and I would very much like some thin mints).

3. What Lenten advice would you share?

Before choosing your penance(s) consider first how it will benefit you spiritually. Giving up chocolate is good, sure, but does it lead you closer to God?

4. And what you will feature this year?

Almsgiving, I think, but time will tell.

I tag Thom of Ad Dominum, Ellen From Across the Net, and The Crescat,

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