21 February 2008

A day in the life of a priest

When I awoke this morning I set out for the day with a slate full of things to accomplish, none of which at this time (2:47 p.m.) have been accomplished.

After celebrating Mass I returned to the rectory for a breakfast of cinnamon raison toast - toasted just enough to be crunchy and melt the butter. After eating and chatting a bit with the Pastor I went to my office.

I set to work at clearing away the Inbox - and was only partially successful - before needing to return to the church to consult with a couple of parishioners and the Pastor about our tabernacle.

It is a nice tabernacle but we had some concerns as to its security and wondered what might be done to solve the situation.

Three hours later I left the church very excited about the plans we agreed upon and had already half completed. Pictures of what have been done later today, if things go as planned, but the ice storm we are in right now may hamper those.

After eating lunch I returned to the office to get back to work, only to learn that our grade and high schools were dismissing an hour early because of the weather and would not be stuffing the bulletins for the weekend. I then sat down with the secretaries and set to work stuffing the bulletins.

Then a friend called asking the placement of an Abbot in a procession for the installation of a Bishop (my friends always ask strange questions). Not knowing the answer I set to a bit of investigating (he goes at the head of the Bishops) and now, here I am.

It has been a good day but I don't really feel that I've accomplished anything and I'm not really in the mood right now to set to work.

I want to go for a swim but with the weather I'm not about to venture out.

A slave driver of myself I must now become.

I have a funeral Saturday morning and so much select the readings and begin writing that homily, as well as Sunday's homily. I have things to organize for a viewing of Saint Anthony: The Miracle Worker of Padua on Saturday evening. I have e-mail to attend and a couple of letters to write. My checkbook needs to be balanced and a few bills paid. My own web site needs more work as does the parish web site. My office has to be picked up a bit and I need to finish a couple of books.

All of this needs to be done and I'm feeling rather restless...

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