25 February 2008

Built on faith, renewed in hope

At a press conference today, the Most Reverend George J. Lucas announced plans for the preservation and renewal of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Springfield, Illinois.

At the same time he announced an $11 million campaign for this project called "Built on faith, renewed in hope."
Some of the work has already begun and I hope to be able to stop by the Cathedral on Wednesday to take a few pictures of the work.
I know that a couple of blogs caught wind of this project a couple of weeks ago and - judging from those I've spoken with who have actually seen the plans and the work done thus far - their fears are unfounded.
This project includes:
  • Restoration and repair of the Cathedral complex's copper roof and gutter system; repair of the bell tower; repointing of stone joints; and preservation of the Cathedral's stained-glass windows.
  • Repair or replacement of inadequate electrical, plumbing, sound and heating/air conditioning systems.
  • Construction of an 8,400-square-foot atrium to allow people to gather before and after Mass and other liturgical events and to serve as an accessible entryway to the church.
  • Improvements to the features important to proper liturgical celebrations, such as extensive interior refinishing and redecorating; a new baptismal font; an accessible sanctuary; a new permanent altar to replace the temporary one now in use; a new and more easily accessible ambo (pulpit); a refashioned cathedra (bishop's chair); and the refurbishment of the tabernacle, which will be returned to its present location.
  • Additional accessible parking west of the Cathedral and an entrance to the new atrium for parishioners and visitors from the main parking area.
  • Major improvements made to the site by improving entries and entry plazas to the north and south, including exterior lighting for safety and increased accessibility to parish offices, school, Cathedral and parking areas.
"The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is an anchor for Catholic life in our diocese," said Bishop Lucas. "Our Cathedral was ‘Built on Faith' through the planning and generosity of those who preceded us. When the restoration and enhancements are completed, our Cathedral will be ‘Renewed in Hope.'"
I've posted pictures of the Cathedral on my Facebook page.

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