09 February 2008

Around the blogosphere

There is a very good post about our relationship to the Saints and Lent over at Ad Dominum. Thom also wants to know whose intercession among the Heavenly Host you seek on a regular basis.

Today Adam’s Ale marks its first anniversary. Be sure to stop by and congratulate Fr. V.

The American Papist reminds us that Catholics are not to eat chicken on Fridays during Lent. I would add that they shouldn’t do so on other Fridays during the year (or any meat) unless they do some other form of penance.

The Sisters at Life + Jesus offer the Top Ten Indicators of a Call to the Monastic Life. They also have a ponderable quote from Saint Francis de Sales about bees and Lent.

Looking for an original and good piece of religious art? Commission The Crescat.

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