12 February 2008

How does a priest go sledding?

For some time now one of the children in our grade school - a six year old - has wanted to invite me to his house to go sledding - his mother tells me - because they have a great hill nearby for it.

Our last snow fall brought sufficient snow for sledding, but when mom asked her son if he wanted to invite me over he said, "No. If he comes I have to behave."

A few days later he came into the office when I happened to be in jeans and a sweater that day, tidying up my office which is far in the back and out of sight. As he walked he in I was up front talking with our secretary.

Having seen me in jeans he has changed his mind about inviting me to go sledding, but we recieved no snow last night, though we were told we would wake up to two to four inches of snow.

Apparently, what he was really concerned about it in the first place was how I would go sledding in my "dress" (my cassock) and what I would do once it got wet and would have to dry. He thought it would be very difficult to go sledding in the cassock - and he's right!

Ah, the minds of the young! They're sharper than we often think.

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