18 February 2008

E-cards for Easter

It's a bit early, I know, but I'm working on clearing out my Inbox.

Jack (that's all I know about him) at 123greetings.com asked me to post a link about their free Easter E-cards (they even "religious" ones, as if an Easter card could be nonreligious).

You might have a look at them and send a few out - after Good Friday, of course - and try to take some of the emphasis away from some silly rabbit passing out eggs, or from cute yellow chicks (not that I have anything against confused basket-carrying-rabbits or new-born poultry).

One feature I like is the ability to send the same card to multiply e-mail addresses at the same time.

You know I don't usually advertise such things but seemed like a good idea. (I think Fr. V. at Adam's Ale beat me to this already. Jack must be blogging around.)

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