10 February 2008

Completely random

Caution: Read with sarcasm.

One day last week I went to the local Driver Services Department after I received a letter from the Secretary of State of Illinois.

Secretary White addressed me as his "dear friend" (which surprised me since we've never met) while reminding me that my driver's license (or ID card - he must not have been sure which [even though I do not have an ID card]) would expire toward the end of March.

Sarcasm off.

I was rather grateful for this reminder as I honestly would never have thought to check my license for it's expiration.

Sarcasm on.

That being said, I was a bit upset when I saw that there were two numbers to phone if I needed a CDL license (I'm not interested in a CDL, but that's beside the point), one for the "metro" area and one for "downstate."

I'm very tired of Chicago buearacrats - who always seem to forget that the capitol of Illinois is Springfield and not Chicago - running the State of Illinois. I'm also very tired of everywhere just south of Chicago being referred to not only as "downstate" but also "sourthern Illinois." It should be noted that Chicago and the metro area take up only a small percentage of the total land area of Illinois.

Would someone be so kind as to show a map of our state to our lawmakers and civil servants and remind of them of its geography? Thanks!

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