20 February 2008

Hail to thee, Alma Mater!

One of my appointments for the day was a gathering of Quincy University alumni and prospective students this evening at the local coffee shop.

Being the introvert that I am, I do not generally enjoy these sort of “meet and greet” events. In fact, I generally despise them preferring to stand quietly in a corner with a few friends.

One of my professors in the seminary (himself a strong introvert) remarked once that these such gatherings should have a special room set aside for introverts since they naturally gather together anyway. This would please the introverts (and keep them out of the corner) – who most always enjoy each other’s company – and the extroverts – who almost always worry too much that we introverts aren’t enjoying ourselves. I think he’s right.

This evening, though, was a very different experience; I thoroughly enjoyed the gathering of Q.U. alumni and the staff that came from the University, including the new Campus Minister (who was ordained only seven days before me [and who always wears his habit on campus]). I was very pleased to meet him and look forward to visiting him again when I get to back to Quincy, whenever that should be.

I spent more than two hours chatting away and I only expected to be there for half an hour or so.

I am grateful to the Lord for this great blessing. My time spent at Quincy University not only prepared me very well for the seminary, but were four very blessed and happy years. Perhaps one day I will be able to adequately express my gratitude to my alma mater. Until the Lord should reveal how that might take place, I have offered my assistance in whatever way I can to the representatives from the University.

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