30 May 2007

Why Dr Pepper is better than Mt Dew, or just for Thom

Thom has made the preposterous claim in my comments box that Mt Dew is better than Dr Pepper. I have previously called people infidels for such. He is, of course, quite mistaken. Do you want to know why? Consider the following questions.

Does Mt Dew have a cookbook? Dr Pepper does. I used to have one but I cannot seem to find it.

Does Mt Dew have a museum? Dr Pepper does. One day I will visit the museum.

Does Mt Dew have a podcast? Dr Pepper does.

Is Mt Dew available in England and France? Dr Pepper is. I almost had some shipped to me when I stayed in Rome for a month. I survived on Roman hot chocolate.

Ergo, one must conclude that Dr Pepper is indeed superior to Mt Dew.

I fully expect a full com box on this one.


  1. Alright. No arguments here.

  2. They have a blog, too. I'm surprised you haven't linked to it in the sidebar.

  3. Whoops! I forgot to mention that one...

  4. Seems to be your day for skipping things.

  5. Does Moutain Dew have a cookbook?

    Most certainly not. Moutain Dew is good enough on its own to not be mixed with additives.

    Does Mountain Dew have a museum?

    Again, no. Mountain Dew is far too relevant and alive to be relegated to a museum. It has retained its dynamism. Poor DrP.

    Does Mountain Dew have a podcast?

    No. Mountain Dew's superiority is well-known. It's refreshing taste is acclaimed by the masses. No podcast is necessary.

    Is Moutain Dew available in England or France?

    I can safely say that I have no idea. If not, England and France are places I'd rather not go.

    I might not be a Pepper (are you a Pepper?), but I drink from the springs of refreshment. I imbibe the Dew of the Mountains. The Elixir of Life is my choice.

    Also, who is this "doctor?"


    (It's on).

  6. Thom, Thom, Thom, if I had a guantlet I'd pick it up.

    Dr Pepper has a cookbook not because it needs to be flavored with other things, but so as to make other foods more delectable.

    Dr Pepper has a museum not to be relegated to the past, but to serve as a living history for the masses who might forget its glorious beginnings and so as not to take the beverage for granted.

    Dr Pepper has a podcast so as to reach more and more people. People are born every day and some children, through no fault of their own, grow up without every being given a Dr Pepper to drink because of misguided parents.

    How can anybody not want to visit the Sceptered Isle?

    For 122 years Dr Pepper has been the Elixir of Life, not this pukish colored liquid gathered from the valleys between the mountains.

    The Doctor in question is veiled in mystery so as not to become boastful. For this reason a dozen or so stories exist as to his person.

    Consider your challenge answered :c]

    (How's this for fun with blogs?)

  7. I will forget that "pukish" was used in the description of the Crown Prince of Soft Drinks.

    This doctor... of what should he boast?

    Swing over to my blog for a more detailed and graphic rebuttal.

    It's still on!

  8. Also interesting to note: The Dr. Pepper Museum is in Waco, Texas.


  9. Forgetting is just another way of saying you have nothing with which to retort.

    Dr Pepper is proof that good things can come from Texas, David Koresh and company excepted.

    The graphic rebuttal is quite hilarious.

  10. I'm afraid I got a laugh out of it being in Waco, too. ( Said as I duck )

  11. Wow, this is like sibling rivalry without siblings!

    Did you two fine gentlemen (and I use that term lightly) put this much time and effort into the research and writing of school papers?

    Water might be boring, but without water there would be no Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew. Check the ingredients. Water rules!

  12. I think that's cheating Ellen... I refuse to admit defeat to water...

  13. That's one thing we can agree about, oh foe. Water is no replacement. I scoff at water. :-p

    And Ellen, I'm sad to say that much of the time, no, this sort of energy was not aimed in the general direction of papers and research projects (excepting my Religious Studies coursework).

  14. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Plano, TX is right on the way from Effingham IL to Waco. When you visit the Dr. Pepper Shrine (excuse me, museum), stop and say hello to the Thursday Night Gumbo guys.

  15. I don't know. I'll still take ginger ale, any day.
    ( Said as I dive through the nearest door. )

  16. You are right on this count, Thom.

    Ellen, to your earlier question which I neglected to answer, I spent this my energy on some papers but not most. Most of this sort of energy was spent then I think in the attempt to slay a dragon or conquer Medieval Europe in various video games.

    Woodward, I'd be happy to pop in for a visit while on pilgrimage.

    I'll not touch ginger ale, Jeffrey.