07 May 2007

The attraction of Benedict XVI

Vittorio Messori, in his brief bit in The Time 100, asks about Pope Benedict XVI:

Why are the faithful (and others) drawn to an intellectual who concedes nothing to the show, who says difficult things (like his September speech about faith and violence in Regensburg, which touched off anger among Muslims), who doesn't bargain with the Gospel? What makes people rush to this fragile man who speaks softly and politely without moving his hands, without ever acting?
Messori never answers his questions but I would propose that the answer he seeks lies in the questions he asks. All Messori can say is, "Evidently, there is a sort of secret attraction, as if many can sense the fascination of the sacred through the witness of Benedict's thoughts and his modest and humble life."


  1. It also helps that he's not fake, like most of the others.

  2. Don't forget that we want pictures from Hawaii! Especially one of your scuba and/or snorkelling face - those are the best! And if you get one of those disposeable underwater cameras, you should take one of yourself from under the water - always a treat. I have one of my husband that way and it is a hoot!

  3. Thanks for the idea, Ellen!

    No pictures yet, but be patient; they will come.

    The flights went well, I arrived safe, and the weather is great! More to come later.