24 May 2007

By their fruits you shall know them

...says our Lord. What follows is a list of the number of men and women who have answered the call of the Lord to the priesthood and consecrated life from St. John the Baptist parish.

11 Priests of various Dioceses and Religious Orders (including my great-uncle)
1 Trappist Monks
1 Christian Brothers
25 Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ
1 Sister of St. Benedict
3 School Sisters of Notre Dame
1 Sister of St. Francis
6 Springfield Dominicans
1 Sinsinawa Dominicans
3 Franciscan Sisters of the Poor
Not a bad track record if you ask me.


  1. I'd be more inclined to say it's an exceptionally good record.

  2. Wow, that's a lot of religious! My current parish had one priest and he left the priesthood. My parish back home had one priest that I knew of and maybe one other and a few sisters.

    Maybe it's something in the water?

  3. It's not so much in the water, Ellen, as it is in the prayer of the parishioners and their active involvement to promote and recruit vocations. My fellow parishioners kept their eyes open for those whom the Lord called (and does call) - they're very easy to spot, really, if you're looking - and they actively told these individuals to pray about their vocation. That's why I'm here today, because my parishioners told me I'd make a good priest; they validated externally what I thought the Lord called me too internally. Now, by God's grace, I will be a good priest. Perhaps this is a good topic for another post.