12 May 2007

This time for real

When I said I was tagged again for the Thinking Bloggers meme, I was mistaken (pipe down now; no comments, please). I was, however, tagged by A Catholic Mom in Hawaii for the About Me meme:

1. Male or Female: Male

2. Married or Single (or religious): Single but spoken for

3. Dream vacation: Four weeks driving around the United Kingdom

4. Birthplace: Quincy, Illinois

5. Area I live in currently: Effingham, Illinois

6. Someone you wish you could meet: Pope Benedict XVI (I haven't given up on this one yet)

7. Biggest "pet-peeve": Slow drivers

.8. Favorite Religious devotion: Stations of the Cross

9. Favorite Saint (besides the Blessed Mother): Francis of Assisi

10. Favorite sport that you play: Does reading count?

11. Favorite food: Carbonara

12. Tridentine or Novus Ordo: The Novus Ordo, celebrated well

13. Would you (or are you) home school or public school: I attended Catholic grade school, public high school, and Catholic college

14. How many kids do you have: Zero physically, but hundreds spiritually

15. Ever been in an auto accident: Yes; I was struck in the side after I returned from Assisi; all I wanted to do was look at my pictures and some woman had to run into me

16. Ever seen a pope in person: Yes. I had a group picture with John Paul II and a group picture with Benedict XVI before his election to the See of Peter

17. Languages that you know fluently: English

18. Last movie you saw in theatres: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

.19. Favorite Blog: Hmm...that's a tough one. My daily stops always include the Roving Medievalist and Open Book

20. Your thoughts on Barney, the Easter bunny, and Santa Claus: I don't really think about them, though I strongly dislike Barney. I have wondered why a rabbit gives out eggs

I tag the Roving Medievalist, Ad Dominum, From Across the Net, and Leave Your Head at the Door. If you also want to do it, consider yourself tagged.


  1. No comment.
    ( Didn't think I could follow orders, did you? )
    Seriously, though, don't blog when you're tired. She tagged you for both.

  2. Mischief managed, and I do mean mischief.

  3. Father, your friend was surprised that I was familiar with Quincy. I told him that is where my husband's aunt lives. Must be a small town.

  4. Anonymous6:15 PM

    I hope you get to go on your dream vacation. I drove around England and Wales for 3 weeks by myself a couple of years ago and loved it.
    There was always that sense of old Catholic England that is still there that I appreciate so much.
    Maybe again, some day????

  5. Esther: You're kidding?! Who is your husband's aunt? (you can e-mail that to me). Quincy may well be the center of the world...

    Fr. Stephan: Thanks! I hope I get it, too; and that you get to do it again!