02 May 2007

One of those days

I am happy to say that my cold is better today than yesterday; somewhat, anyway. Yesterday I had a monster of a headache, but enough energy. Today I have no headache, but little energy.

It has turned out to be a busier day than anticipated.

It started, of course, with Mass at 6:30. After a brief respite I went to a reception in honor of the WYSE team members.

At 9:30 I hopped in my car and as I was backing out of the garage I thought something sounded funny. Not thinking much of it, I became concerned when I still heard it in the driveway. After parking along the street I got out to investigate. Sure enough: I had a flat tire.

It turns out a piece of steel from who know what was stuck in the tire. The tire was patched after lunch.

After having the tire fixed I went luggage shopping and happily found a nice big suitcase (the reason for this will come soon, tomorrow probably).

It seems that something else had me bouncing around this afternoon, too, though I cannot now recall what.

After a quick bite to eat I will celebrate the closing Mass for the Parish School of Religion. After the Mass, it will be time for paperwork.


  1. I'd take a lack of energy over a headache, any day.

  2. I would, too.

    My energy's coming back and I'm beginning to feel a bit loopy and hyper. It's either because I'm too drugged up on non-drowsy Sudafed or because I'm getting better. Then again, it could be both.

  3. Sleep, my friend, sleep! I know it is not always easy to just go to bed, it is the best thing for you. Take it from me, I'm a mother.

  4. Don't worry, Ellen! I'll be heading there within the hour.

  5. Since you're not feeling well, I'll even refrain from making jokes about being "a bit loopy".