22 May 2007

Oh, gates, lift high your heads

The facade of St. John the Baptist church in Quincy.

From the other angle, and in the winter.

Detail of the entrance.


  1. Impressive. That gable over the middle arch is a good touch.

  2. Was the tower always flat-roofed? The arches over the third floor window are another good touch.

  3. Hi Father Zehnle, I attended St. John's school from its opening in 1957 til I graduated from 8th grade in 1965. I'm now a high school art teacher with a Ph.D. in art education. I'm doing some watercolors of my Quincy childhood memories, and, much to my surprise and delight, came across your wonderful photos of St. John's Church. Years ago I realized that I had spent every morning of my elementary years at Mass, unwittingly studying this perfectly beautiful example of Romanesque architecture! How wonderful it was to see the altar of Mary again--always my favorite. The main altar photo is the same as it was when I posed in front of it in my first Communion photo (1959). Thank you so much for posting these photos that bring back memories for me.
    Lynda Kerr, Georgia

    1. You're very welcome, Lynda! If I ever get to build a church, it will likely be modeled on this church!