03 May 2007

The secret is out

In an e-mail earlier today, the Roving Medievalist asked: "When's the big announcement? Seems to range from Hawaii to Asia."

He's not to far off; in fact, he's almost spot on!

Monday morning I will head to Indianapolis to catch a couple of flights that will - if the Lord wills - culminate in my arrival in Hawaii. Why am I going there, you ask? I going to attend the wedding - I am not witnessing the wedding - of a cousin and to visit a friend from college.

This cousin might as well be a sister since we grew up in the same house since I we were both eight years old. She is all of eighteen days older than me.

The college friend that I am visiting is a native Hawaiian. All throughout college we kept asking him, "How did you end up in Quincy?" To this day he claims he doesn't know. He's been demanding a visit from me for at least five years. He happens to live on the same island as the wedding, and only about fifteen minutes away. I'll be staying with him and his family while I am there. In addition, he's going to show me the cool parts of Hawaii where the tourists aren't.

As it happens, I will be in Hawaii for the memorial of Blessed Damien of Molokai. When my friend asked me what I wanted to do or see in Hawaii I had three answers at first:
  1. See pineapple growing from plants on the ground (for the longest time I thought they grew on trees; he politely told I was an idiot for thinking thus);
  2. See the volcanoes, active or not;
  3. Watch the sun rise over the ocean;
  4. Go scuba diving
Since our initial conversation, I have one more thing to add:

5. Attend the Mass in the Cathedral for Blessed Damien's feast and visit his tomb

Aside from that, the activies will be decided as we go.

I ask your prayers for safe and timely flights. I will try to post updates while I'm away, but I don't know yet about internet access. I don't really know a great deal about this trip which is both very much out of character and very nice.

I will be in Hawaii for ten days, returning to Effingham - again, if the Lord wills - just in time for a wedding rehearsal (well, about four hours before the rehearsal) on Friday, the 18th. The wedding itself will be on the 19th, as will our high school graduation.


  1. I was very happy to see pineapple plants with very tiny pineapples growing from them at Lowe's last week.

    Vaya con Dios, Padre!

  2. Bit of spontaneity and adventure will do you a world of good.
    You didn't mention which island, but you seem to have the right sort of guide. Anyone who's capable of politely calling you an idiot is alright in my book.

  3. Oahu, I believe. I'm landing in Honolulu at any rate.

  4. Well, unless you plan on a long swim, that'd be Oahu.

  5. Have a great time. I was in Honolulu for one day about six years ago, long enough to see the Pearl Harbor Memorial (don't miss it!)and then off to Maui for eight days. It is a wonderful place. In Maui, we drove the road to Hana and went to the top of Haleakala. the volcono on Maui.

    We wanted to go to Blessed Damian's church and the leper colony at Molokai, but our son was with us and he was only 11 and visitors must be at least 16. Hopefully, my husband and I will get there again next year and we will go to Molokai.

    Our son did go scuba diving and he loved it. I chickened out - I am very claustrophobic and I couldn't stand breathing through the regulator.

    Have a safe and wonderful trip - it is worth the long plane flight. Try some poi - it tastes horrible (like school paste, but without the flavor), but at least you can say you tried it.


  6. Thank you for the warning, Ellen. I'll be sure not to have poi :c]

  7. Hmm, your friend is Hawaiian? Maybe he'll insist. :)

  8. Remember Pearl Habour!

  9. Aloha Father, I found your blog through Jeffrey's. If I see you at Thursday's celebration/Mass and recognize you, I will say hi ;-) Otherwise, hope you have a nice time here. Weather is expected to be beautiful.Oh, BTW, don't forget to visit the little museum dedicated to Blessed Damien by St. Augustine's church in Waikiki.

  10. Thank you, Esther! I hope to see you there!

  11. Esther: If you do, tell his friend to remember the poi.

  12. Fr. I told one of my good friends and she was so excited seeing a young priest like you dressed in your clerical clothing :-)

    Okay Jeffrey, I will ;-)