02 May 2007

Academic awards

Monday evening the Academic Awards and National Honor Society Banquet was held at the high school.

The academic awards consisted largely of scholarships given to some of our students by local citizens and institutions. Monday evening, more than $27,200 was offered to our senior class (I lost track of the some of the amounts). As I understand it, our seniors have so far this year been offered more than $600,000 in academic scholarships alone.

Dinner followed the awards, which was followed by the induction of nineteen of our students into the National Honor Society.

I was feeling a bit fiesty that evening and, sitting very close to the stage, I wanted to do a bit of heckling. Our guidance couselor told me I couldn't. We'll see if I sit next to her again.


  1. One of the first things my professors told me when I got to college was never to listen to a guidance counselor. What could she have done? Given you detention?