24 May 2007

Good news

Yesterday I received a phone call from the local orthopedic surgeon regarding the MRI that was taken of my shoulder.

I suffered an anterior sublaxation (or something like that). There is some small bruising and compression on the side and backend of my humerous near my shoulder, but my rotator cuff and capsule are fine and suffered no tearing.

The doctor says there is no need to immbolize my left arm (which is good because I haven't had it immobilized this whole time) and that I should avoid reaching overhead or behind him with my left arm for a while yet.

Next week sometime the physical therapist will give me some exercises to do to improve the strength of the arm again.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad to hear that your injury is not as serious as it could have been. I hope that you will be back to you old self soon - and able to fully elevate during the consecration soon.