10 May 2007

St. Augustine By the Sea

I have managed to post some pictures I took inside the church of St. Augustine By the Sea in Waikiki.

When I first saw pictures of the church on a website - I cannot recall the address off the top of my head, though the Roving Medievalist might be able to help us out here - and wasn't sure what I was in for. The angle from which the pictures posted were taken was quite deceiving.

The church certainly has charm and the windows are fantastic.

I have also managed to post some pictures I took while on a walk around my friend's neighborhood. You can view them on my webshots page.


  1. This one? Oahu Church Tours?? The distortion is from turning a rotating panorama into a flat picture.

  2. The thing I remember most about the church we attended in Maui was the fact that the priest had shorts on under his vestments. My son thought that it was pretty neat! Plus, the altar servers just wore a green sash (we were there in ordinary time) over their street clothes (again, shorts)and no alb. He thought that was even neater.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  3. The suit and tie crowd would be shocked, but they don't have to deal with the heat.

  4. I could see that. I'm very curious to see what the celebrations this morning will look like. We'll be on our way soon.

    Oh, I am feeling better; thank you!