02 May 2007

A Prayer to St. Blaise

Dear bishop and lover of souls,
you willingly bore heavy crosses in faithful imitation of Jesus.
Similarly, with Christlike compassion you cured many sufferers.
Then, after undergoing horrible torture, you died as a martyr for Christ. Obtain a cure for this cold I suffer, if this is agreeable to God.


  1. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Colds suck. Allegies maybe? Hope you get better soon.

  2. If it's an allergy it sprang up out of nowhere.

  3. I'm rather prone to colds. I have a rare form of a rare form of arthritis which leaves me with a weakened immune system, thus susceptible to little colds and such.

    You're right: they do suck. A cold that takes "normal" people a few days to get over, often takes me a couple of weeks. This time, though, I've enlisted Saint Blaise, for reasons that you will learn tomorrow.

  4. You're being disgustingly cryptic about all this. It must be big. Rome, perhaps?

  5. I thought St. Blase was the throat guy. Did he get dumped with sinuses as well? =)

  6. Jeffrey: Sadly, it isn't Rome. You might say its completely the opposite direction.

    Andrew: I'm not sure if is or not, but he seemed to fit. At any rate, he seems to be helping :)

  7. Hints, hints, hints. This is getting annoying.