14 May 2007

The convergence

Saturday and Sunday my family members who are attending the wedding arrived.

We met for lunch today and then I rented at PT Cruiser - convertible - to drive back and forth from Waipahu to Honolulu so I don't exhaust my friend with travels to and fro even while he works. I've never driven a convertible before and, while the PT Cruiser wasn't my first choice, it's quite nice.

This afternoon I went to the Bishop Museum to look at native Hawaiian artifacts and others from the Pacific islands. The displays were quite nice.

The highlight of the afternoon was a planetarium show about navigating with only the stars and the sea. I was reminded that here I can see the Southern Cross, a constellation I can't see back in Illinois. Also, tonight Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter will all be visible in the heavens, assuming the clouds keep away.

After I quick supper here at the house I'll be making my way to Waikiki beach to watch the stars and to recall the words of King David: "When I see the heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars that you set in place, what are humans that you are mindful of them, mere mortals that you care for them" (Psalm 8:4-5)?

Oh, more pictures will be uploaded within the next fifteen minutes.


  1. Isn't the Bishop Museum a place where they keep those dusty liberal 1970's bishops? =)

  2. No, Andrew, they keep them in Southern California.
    Sorry, Father Daren, I couldn't resist.

  3. LOL!!! You guys are funny!
    But who is that young man standing on the lanai? Just kidding. Nice photo Father but I think I like you better in the biretta shot Jeffrey shared with the whole wide world :-)

  4. Now, Esther, I warned him first and gave him plenty of time to send a "don't you dare" message.