28 May 2007

The move of the green vestments

With the conclusion of the season of Easter with yesterday's celebration of Pentecost, the time has come to bring my green chasubles from my suite to the sacristy. As I was hanging them in the sacristy I thought you might like to see them. Here they are:


  1. What a collection. They are very beautiful and a nice variety of different shades of green.

  2. Excellent, especially the top one.

  3. I agree with Jeffrey. I really like the top one, too.

  4. I like the last one best although if the bands were slightly wider, the third one would take the cake.

    Great collection, Father. Any fiddlebacks?

    I'm waiting to see you collect some brocade vestments. Wouldn't that be cool?

  5. Anonymous5:12 AM

    I like the top one too and yet I would like to see some brocade vestments. Thank you for sharing them with us father.

  6. I agree with Andrew about the third one, but it's still beautiful.
    Brocade might be a bit much to expect after only two years. All in due time.

  7. Oddly enough, the top one is the one I like the least. My favorite is the fourth, followed by the second, then the third.

    I don't have any fiddlebacks myself. I've never really liked the look of them; I prefer a "fuller" vestment. The artwork on many of them is exquisite, though.

    I also do not have any brocade vestments. To my mind, brocade chasubles are a bit too "flashy" and often they don't seem to flow well. I do, however, really like brocade copes. I'm not sure as to the difference there...

    Nonetheless, all in due time. Vestments seem to be getting more expensive with each passing day.

  8. My favorite is the fourth one - I think that the shade of green is really neat and the trim is beautiful. I tend to like the more mutes shades of most colors.

    I think it is wonderful that you have a nice personal collection. I don't think many of the priests I know have that many, if any personal vestments - most of what they use are vestments that were purchased as memorials for the parish.

  9. I think you're right, Ellen; most priests do not have their own collection of vestments, or at least not many.

    I have my own for two reasons:

    1. I am of the odd size that very few vestments of other priest's in this Diocese fit me (I'm either too short or not large enough).

    2. Having seen the collection most parishioners have, very few are ones that I would like to wear. There are, of course, exceptions here and there.

  10. Looking at the collection at our parish, I think that sometimes the person who chose the vestments should have had their vision checked because some of them are not at all attractive.

    I know what you mean about sizes. Our pastor is very tall and the vestments are sometimes very short on him. But being a former missionary, he works with what he has and sees no need to purchase something that would probably only fit him.