25 May 2007

Ordination weekend

Tomorrow morning His Excellency, the Most Reverend George J. Lucas, will ordain Kevin Muniz to the Sacred Order of Deacons and the Reverend Mister Tyler Miller to the Priesthood of Jesus Christ.

Yours truly will be the assistant Master of Ceremonies at the ordination. I will depart in about two hours for Springfield to begin working on the preparations. Blogging will thus be light over the next couple of days, probably through Monday evening.

I invite your prayers for these two men and for the entire Diocese. If you are in the area, you are more than welcome to attend the ordination.

After the ordination a vocations rally will be held.


  1. Prayers for the ordinandi and for you too. Have a safe trip. Make sure you get some pictures of the ordinations and you in that super cassock!

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  3. Thanks, Ellen! I'll do what I can. I also intend to take some pictures of the Cathedral itself.

  4. That's what I like to hear!

  5. Praying here Father!