29 April 2007

A Prayer to the Good Shepherd

Lord Jesus, good and gentle shepherd, healer of body and soul: listen to your sheep who cry out to you in their need, consciously or not.

So many of your sheep are suffering, Lord. So many are wounded and confused. They have lost sight of you, Lord. They have strayed from you and now they stumble along trying to find the way forward, the way to happiness and peace.

They do not hear your voice, or, if they do, they cannot discern from where you call. Call out to them all the more loudly and clearly! Do not hide from them Lord, but manifest your loving presence to them.

With your rod and staff scatter the darkness, Lord! Make straight the path before them and lead them to your pasture.

Help those of us who seek to follow you guide them to you, as well, Lord. Let your voice resound from within our mouths and let our words be yours. Let us be your fellow shepherds.

Stoop down, Lord, and lift up your hurting sheep upon your shoulders. Carry them to your pasture beneath the shadow of the Cross. Speak to them a word that will rouse them from their deafness. Call to them, ease their burdens and give them peace!


  1. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Thank you! I needed that prayer.

  2. You're welcome. I'm grateful it was of help to you today.

  3. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Me too.