10 April 2007

One day the books will fall on me

Yesterday, in my efforts to recuperate from the many and varied Easter festivities, I set about tidying up my library and suite; I all but abandoned the library some months ago so it needed a bit of work. Today, being a bit behind on a couple of projects, I sat down to work in my library where there is no television, no Internet, and generally not even a computer, though today I brought my laptop with me.

My library is on the first floor of the rectory, safely away from the parish office where any number of things and people might otherwise all too easily distract me.

At any rate, as I was happily typing away, my laptop decided it was time to hibernate. Apparently I didn't have it plugged into the outlet properly (I guess I'm not as recovered yet as I thought I was), so I thought I'd take this opportunity to finally post pictures of my library, first promised long ago.

The view as you enter from the hallway.

Looking back out the door to the left.

And to the right.

Above my desk...

...and behind my desk.

It isn't my dream library, but it's a nice start.


  1. Anonymous7:25 PM

    One can never have too many books... only too few bookshelves...

  2. I couldn't agree more! Cicero once said, "A room without books is like a body without a soul."

  3. Haha...Father, you should see the books I have tumbled all around my room and on the floor and in boxes and where ever I can find any space. At first, I used to move them from the couch to the bed when I wake up and then back again when I sleep. After a while, it got too tiresome and I just sleep on the couch...must clear up the bed sometime... =)

    And by the way, is that a rocker I see?

  4. It's never a good idea to abandon a library for more than a couple days. Like kitchens, they need to be used and cleaned constantly.

  5. Andrew: That's the way to do it: give the books the best place! And, yes, it is a rocker you see. It's in a bit of need of repair. It belonged to my mother and I remember rocking back in forth in it when I was a young boy. Of course, my feet then didn't come close to reaching the floor, but it sure was fun.

    John the organist: I actually could use a librarian, but I'm afraid my pay is not very much at all. Food and maybe a guest room at the rectory?

    Jeffrey: A good bit of advice. I'll be sure to take it with me.

  6. Wow, what a lot of books. All I can say is "Swiffer dusters" - they do a great job managing the dust.

    I am an avid reader, but my collection is no where that big, even if you combine it with all the books my husband and son have.

  7. The books have taken over my closet and the walls in my bedroom. Not to mention I also have two large shelves of books at my parents house. . . every time I go to visit I dump more books because the small room I'm living in right now simply doesn't have enough space. Books are my weakness. My entire earthly possessions consist mainly of clothes, a laptop, a printer, and books. That's about it. Live simple but make sure you have lots of books.

  8. Anonymous4:04 PM

    I like the lunchbox on top of the bookcase - it's a "classic!"

  9. Thanks, Vicky! I'm rather surprised nobody commented on it earlier.