20 April 2007

New threads

Here I am standing this afternoon inside the church in my new surplice:

I hate posing for pictures...

Mother Theresa would pray for the souls in Purgatory every time her picture was taken. Bishop Lucas last night told me he prays for vocations with every picture taken. I'll have to find a prayer request during pictures, too. I suspect it will be vocations. Currently my picture - thankfully - is not taken enough to be too concerned about it.

The albs were taken to a seamstress this afternoon and she expects to have the alterations completed by Tuesday afternoon.


  1. Looks good. So does the statue. The corner of the window looks interesting, too.

  2. Let me see if I have a picture of the window.

  3. "Nice threads" there Fr. Daren.

    I'm curious, what happened to your contact lenses? Did you give up on them? Or were the comments about looking so young getting to you? (LOL) I was just surprised to see you in your glasses.

  4. I've gotta say, that's a pretty awesome surplice.

  5. Ellen: I haven't completely given up on the contacts, though I haven't worn them for several months now.

    In the winter months my eyes were simply too dry and I couldn't tolerate the contacts.

    My eyes still feel somewhat dry even without the contacts.

    When spring swings into full gear I'll give the contacts another go.

    I almost think my eyes have always been somewhat but I just never noticed it until the contacts.

    When I'm outside with the contacts I'm fine; it's inside that I have problems.

  6. Cool threads, Father. Very trad and very becoming. In Malaysia, the priests all wear white cassocks which double as an alb cos they never wear their cassocks anyway. So, the surplice cassock combo can never be tired out here. =(

    White on white just doesn't cut it.

    Let's see a picture of the alb next =)