17 April 2007

Stories of priesthood

Mundelein Seminary has put together a interesting book comprised of the vocational stories of sixteen priest from varied backgrounds and ministries called Priesthood: So That Others May Serve: Vocation Stories. Take a look.


  1. And where is the vocation story of the good Rev. Daren? I know,I know, it's on your website. And an intersting story it is.

    I always enjoy reading the vocations stories of people who answered God's call. I often wonder if I ever had the call to religious life and didn't hear it or ignored it. I don't think so, but sometimes one will never know. But I truly think my calling was to marriage and motherhood and I hope I have fulfilled those vocations well (at least so far and it has been almost 20 years of marriage).

  2. I'm afraid they didn't ask me, Ellen, and that's just as well. This blog is a lot more fun.

    Congratulations on your nearly twenty married years! Continually let the love of Christ Jesus shine through your marriage. We need your faithful witness!

  3. There's a book called Priest: Portraits of Ten Good Men Serving the Church Today written by Michael Rose.

    There's also a book called A Priest Forever: The Life of Gene Hamilton which tells of a man who was ordained 3 hours before his death after a special dispensation is given by Pope John Paul through the request of John Cardinal O'Connor. It's written by Fr. Benedict Groeschel.

    Both are inspiring reads.

    What about your own book, Father? Any plans?

  4. I've seen the book on Hamilton.

    I do have plans for several books - and am slowly working on a couple of them - but nothing specifically about myself.