20 April 2007

The dinner

Last night's dinner prepared by one of our high school students was excellent. The presentation was outsanding and the meal itself was delicious. My compliments to the chef!

The chef knows what he is doing. He made up small menus for us and even brought his own dishes. I was very impressed.

Bishop Lucas commented that he doubted this dinner would be topped this Confirmation season. I suspect he's right.


  1. But more importantly, did you wear your new surplice? (I hope I got the right garment.)

  2. LOL! I did, and I received many compliments on it, too :)

  3. I forgot to ask, how was the pomodoro fritti? I know you were excited to see it on the menu.

  4. Very tasty! He's supposed to be giving me the recipe, even though he didn't use one...