18 April 2007

An update on "the order"

I have retrieved my albs from the dry cleaners and I regret to say that they did not shrink one little bit. I know, I know, usually this is a good things.

Now it means that the albs will have to be just slightly altered, both at the sleeves and at the bottom. Before class I'll do some local investigating to have them altered. My only concern here is with the pleats...


  1. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I love extra long sleeves, double extra large shirts (right now i'm wearing XXXLG), AND extra long vestments. :) I'm sure you'll look smashing.

  2. Sorry you didn't get the desired shrinkage, but at least when you have the alterations done they should fit right and not change. It was a good idea to have them taken care of before alterations.

    Wear them in good health and service.

  3. Jeron: But when the sleeves cover half of your hand and the alb itself goes down to the floor, it's hard to celebrate Mass in :)

  4. Ellen: That's true. I hadn't thought about the horrors of having it altered and then having it shrink...

  5. Anonymous11:16 PM

    I was spending time at a Benedictine Abbey over Easter and offered the Abbot (whom I know well) if there I was anything I could do for him . . . he had me iron a cuculla that had just been hemmed. If they can hem those, they can hem anything! Not the easiest thing to iron either. . . 50 pleats!