26 April 2007

A new book

Today the Pastor received a nice little book from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops entitled Benedict XVI: Spiritual Thoughts in the First Year of His Papacy.

The 128 page book contains 175 passages from the writings and speeches of the Holy Father, each with a short heading and citation, and includes an index.

Somehow this book slipped completely unnoticed by me until now. I will be sure to obtain a copy of it.


  1. Wow...the the USCCB send out freebies to all priests? How come you did not get one?

  2. Sadly, they aren't free. They are part of what the call the Resource Service to which the Pastor subscribes and I will shortly: http://www.usccbpublishing.org/client/client_pages/resourceservice.cfm

  3. The German version of Vanity Fair has actually done a column on BXVI.

  4. That's what I hear. I'll link to you in a bit, Megan.