25 April 2007

From my students

St. Gregory of Nazianzus says that "we must remember God more often than we draw breath." I asked my juniors to reflect on this statement. I was impressed by some of their responses and I offer them for you here.

Breathing to humans is a natural thing that takes no thought upon ourselves.

Times during [the day] that I think of God happen randomly.

Compared to what Gregory said, my remembrance of God is not near what it should be.

God does not want us to give up on each other, but for each other.

He could have said "every time we draw breath" or "very often", yet none of these do the job.
If only they knew the depth of what they wrote...


  1. I'm often impressed with the depth of the answers my catechism kids give. Once I asked a class of seven year olds what a saint was and one of the children exclaimed without hesitation "Someone who loves!" I thought that was a pretty good three word definition of a saint!