26 April 2007

On Origen of Alexandria

The Holy Father devoted his Wednesday Audience address to the person of Origen of Alexandria, "one of the most outstanding" figures of the early Church.

Origen, "the most prolific author of the first three Christian centuries," teaches us "that in the prayerful reading of Scripture and in a coherent way of life, the Church is renewed and rejuvenated."

Origen emphasized the three-fold reading of Sacred Scripture according to the literal, moral and spiritual senses.

"This would be interesting to show," Said Pope Benedict XVI. "I tried somewhat, in my book Jesus of Nazareth, to show the multiple dimensions of the Word in today's world, of sacred Scripture, that must first of all be respected in the historical sense. But this sense brings us toward Christ, in the light of the Holy Spirit, and shows us the way, how to love."


  1. What he tried to do, it looks like all the bishops will have to try too. The new Synod of Bishops lineamenta has been released and the theme is on 'The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church.

    It must be fun being Pope. Would you like to have a go at it, Father?