18 April 2007

To the war room, and back with the Bishop

As His Holiness celebrates the second anniversary of his election to the See of Peter, I will be busy with two major tasks.

Sometime after celebrating the Mass in the morning and after cleaning up my desk a bit, I will head off to the "war room" in Springfield for another meeting of the Priests' Personnel Board. We have many details to attend to so I ask your prayers for this meeting.

After the meeting I may pop into Best Buy to find a cd or two of Joshua Bell, an up and coming - maybe he already has - violinist that I've heard much about in recent days; it all depends on how long the meeting lasts. I'm also told that Josh Groban has another cd out, as well.

From there I will return to Effingham, with His Excellency, the Bishop, somewhere not too far behind. I hope to arrive home in time to see to a few logistical details for the celebration of the sacrament of Confirmation in the evening at 7:00 p.m. of which I will serve as the Master of Ceremonies.

In total, 59 people will be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit tomorrow: 48 8th graders from the parish grade school, 10 parish school of religion students, and one student from the parish high school.

It will be a long and tiring day, but the four hours in my car will afford plenty of time to pray for the Holy Father.


  1. You'll make it.
    When you get to the war room, give my regards to Sir Winston.
    You're behind the times. Joshua Bell is not only good, he's reached the top.

  2. Hmm...somehow I'm surprised about being behind. I've never really been one to know who the top people are. I suppose I'm too content with my books, which is not too bad.

  3. Anonymous11:54 AM

    I've got a funny story about Springfield I'll have to share w/you sometime.

  4. Joshua Bell? Read this and weep. This experiment just confirmed what most musicians knew all along. I used to play in my high school band. I can empathize.

    Secondly, wow! 59! Any photos to share, Father? Especially of the new threads?

  5. I think that article - which I think I saw at the New Liturgical Movement - is what tuned me in to Joshua Bell (I regret to say I wasn't able to make a stop to get the cds). The results of the experiment are very sad...

    No photos yet. We're not so good at taking pictures around here, though I'm trying to work on it. I took a couple of pictures with some of the confirmed. If they send me a copy I'll post them.

    I will have a picture of the new surplice taken later this afternoon.