26 April 2007

A Letter to the Parish

23 April 2007
The Memorial of Saint George
My dear friends in Christ,

May the Lord give you peace!

St. Bonaventure tells us, "Do not extend yourself beyond the point your intelligence can reach, but neither remain short of it." With this bit of wisdom from the Seraphic Doctor, several years ago I approached Bishop Lucas about the possibility of additional studies beyond my ordination to the the priesthood of Jesus Christ. The Lord has given me a mind well suited for academic work, which became for me during my college and seminary years a great blessing and a true joy, indeed.

It was around this same time last year that I wrote to tell you that I would be returning to the Liturgical Institute at the University of St. Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary in Mundelein, Illinois to continue my studies pursuant toward a Licentiate in Sacred Theology (S.T.L.). After discussing the matter with His Excellency, Bishop Lucas, and the Reverend Monsignor Enlow, I write today to let you know that I will be returning to these studies again this summer with their support and encouragement. It is my hope - and theirs - that I will be able to conclude the course work for the S.T.L. this summer, leaving only my comprehensive exams and the defense of my thesis for the coming year (these would both be done during the span of a week or so).

These classes begin June 11th and conclude July 20th. You will not see me as much this summer as you did last because I have no weddings currently scheduled during those six weeks. I may return for a weekend or two, but not more, so as to devote as much time as possible to papers and to my thesis.

Prior to my return to academia, I will be away from the parish May 7th through May 18th attending the wedding of a cousin and visiting a friend from college. After that, the priests of the Diocese will gather for their annual retreat June 4th and 8th and I will join them there.

While I am away, the Reverend Carl Schmidt and the Reverend Ben Meyer have both graciously offered their assistance. For their generous help I am deeply grateful!

Be assured of my continued prayers for each of you while I am away. I beg your prayers for me as I return to these studies. May God bless you with a peaceful and restful summer!

Peace and Joy,
The Rev. Daren J. Zehnle
Parochial Vicar


  1. Good luck with your studies. Sounds like you will have a full summer.

    God bless you in your studies. I will remember you in my prayers.

  2. Thank you! I will remember you in my prayers.

  3. Anonymous9:01 AM

    What Ellen said. Also, the national *Courage* conference this year is at Mundelein Aug 2nd - 5th. Looks like I'll just miss you.

  4. I've heard about the goings-on at the Liturgical Institute, and I must tell you how jealous I am.

    Good luck this summer.

  5. Thanks, Thom. If you get bored, head on out and we'll give you a tour.