17 April 2007

Disappointing news

More than ten years ago I went on my first Great River Teens Encounter Christ (TEC) weekend and my life and faith received a new impetus, energy and zeal. The TEC movement and those many wonderful people of good will and faith involved greatly fostered my life of prayer and my calling to the sacred priesthood. For this I am eternally grateful. The TEC movement is very dear to my heart.

Many months ago a good friend of mine called to invite me to serve as the Spiritual Director for the TEC weekend of which she would be the Lay Director. I happily accepted her invitation and I have been very much looking forward to this weekend ever since, almost to the neglect of some of my other duties. Great River TEC 244 was to have been held this coming weekend.

With much sadness I read an e-mail from my friend who had the sad duty of informing us that the weekend has been cancelled due to a lack of candidates. Although Great River TEC does cancel weekends from time to time because of a lack of candidates, this is rather rare and most disappointing. This weekend simply coincided with a great many events at the area high schools.

She invited me to return to Quincy nonetheless to celebrate Mass for the team of TEC 244, which I will be happy to do. This will also give me an unexpected time to visit my family and to focus more profoundly on the Cross of Christ.

I have been unable to fall asleep for the past couple of hours - hence the time of this post - while the homily for the Mass seems to be formulating itself. It is time now to release it into the keys, as it were. I will post it when it is ready.

Your prayers for me, the team of TEC 244, and the entire Great River TEC 244 community will be greatly appreciated.

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