21 April 2007

There and Back Again. A Priest's Tale

I am delighted to say that sometime before Noon today I will be happily plopping down in my driver's seat and taking the four hour drive - on what promises to be a gorgeous day - home to Quincy for a few days.

The retired priest - may God bless him richly! - will still take the Masses that he would have if I were still going on the retreat. He's a very generous man and a good friend. If I ever get to retire, I hope to be half as generous as he.

I haven't been home for some time, being far too exhausted after Easter to make the drive "there and back again," to borrow a phrase from the great Tolkien. I'm greatly looking forward to seeing my nine-month old nephew again. I've only seen him a couple of times.

I'll be in Quincy through Tuesday visiting with friends and family, working on special projects, and, in general, relaxing and resting.

I've been rather tired of late and this weekend will be just what I need, I think.

I'm not sure what my Internet access will be like so you might hear from me for a few days.