28 April 2007

iPod Shuffle

It's time for the iPod shuffle:

1. John Williams, "In the Devil's Snare and The Flying Keys," (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)

2. J.S.Bach, "Sonata in C," (Bach for Breakfast)

3. G.F. Handel, "Concerto Grosso in B Minor," (Best of Handel, Disk 2)

4. Red Byrd, "Sanctus: Mater Mitis," (A Scottish Lady Mass)

5. G.F. Handel, "Concerto Grosso in A Major," (Best of Handel, Disk 2)

6. Rich Mullins, "Hatching of a Heart," (Brother's Keeper)

7. Henry Purcell, "Hither, this way II," (King Arthur, Disk 1)

8. Jaci Velasquez, "I'm Not Looking Down," (Beauty Has Grace)

9. John Rutter, "My True Love Hath My Heart," (The John Rutter Collection)

10. Vivaldi, "Summer," (Vivaldi: The Four Seasons, etc.)

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