11 April 2007

The excitement builds

During Holy Week I placed an order to Barbiconi for a new alb and a new surplice. I reserved an e-mail this morning saying that they have been shipped and should arrive by the end of the week. I love DHL...


  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Great site! I like their items more than the Holy Rood Guild. My brother is a deacon; maybe I'll pass this sight along to him.

  2. Thanks, Jeron.

    I like Holy Rood's chasubles (and their incense was superb - I still have a couple of cans) but I'm not a great fan of their albs.

    I hope your brother enjoys the site.

  3. You should have mentioned which ones you ordered.

  4. I'm curious - did I miss a price list on their site or are the prices not posted? I've noticed our deacon doesn't have a rose dalmatic and was thinking of getting him one as a thank you for all he does. Yes, I know they're expensive, but I'm just curious how expensive

  5. Frival, I'm told that in the next several weeks Barbiconi's web site will be revamped to include both prices and a measuring guide. I haven't bought a chasuble from them, but I do have several in mind.

    At the moment, the only way to get the prices is to send them an e-mail. I've found them to be rather swift in replying, keeping the time difference in mind, of course.

    Rose dalmatics, I think, are more difficult to find than chasubles. I have a rose chasuble from the Holy Rood Guild that I like quite a bit; they might be able and willing to make a dalmatic of the same style (it look's like they, too, are redesigning their web site and they seem to be having a bit of difficulty with it).

    The House of Hansen also has a set of inexpensive vestments -called Mone - which, while certainly not ideal, aren't bad, either. They do have that set in rose, though you can't view the color on screen. Perhaps they could send you a sample. They're excellent to work with, just ask for Jerry.