26 April 2007

Do I win?

Or have I just cheated?

Apparently the Roving Medievalist and I have begun an arms race of sorts - at least according to Brad Harvey of Leave Your Head at the Door.

The Roving Medievalist has put forth a Greek fire catapult, asking if I can top it. How does this do?


  1. Now this is the kind of war I don't mind - fought with pictures of weapons with absolutely no nuclear capabilities.

  2. Of course you win. I knew you would.

  3. Ah. The nuclear deterrent!

  4. Ellen: Ah, yes. Nuclear weapons (and cannons and guns and missiles, etc.) take all of the fun out of battle. The required level of personal skill is removed completely. Any aspect of chivalry then becomes dead.

    Chivalry, in small pockets, seems to be gaining interest as the average level of respect in the U.S. continues to wane. Maybe if we rid ourselves of nuclear weapons and guns this would help?

    Just a thought - an odd one - but a thought nonetheless.

    Fr. Stephanos: Welcome aboard! That pic is great! Thanks!

    Jeffrey: I humbly accept victory and hereby declare you the Royal Archivist and Caretaker of All Ancient and Beautiful Artifacts.