18 April 2007

His Excellency cometh

Tomorrow evening the Excellent One will come to our parish to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation with our eighth graders (more on that later).

The Pastor has invited the Bishop to join us for dinner prior to the Mass which will be prepared by a budding chef who is also a student in our high school.

Yesterday afternoon I received the menu in my mailbox:

Whole leaf Caesar salad topped with a warm pomodoro fritti
Seared beef steak with a bountiful array of roasted spring vegetalbes,
farfalle alfredo, and natural jus
Wild blackberry cobbler topped with vanilla bean ice cream
It seems that this student - knowing of the delight I took when I first had pomodoro fritti - has found the recipe...wahoo! I'll have to make I sure I get it before the dinner is over.


  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Sounds delightful! I'm something of a foodie myself & my waistline shows, unfortunately. I like that he's using "natural jus." The thought of the alternative (whatever that may be) just doesn't sound good! lol.

  2. Your chef seems to be ready to make quite an impression. I'll be praying about that.

  3. I'm looking forward to the meal tomorrow night!