03 May 2009

Thoughts for the day

Last week a book arrived in the mail for which I have long waited: The Heart of Father Damien by Vital Jourdain, SS.CC.

It is a lengthy biography of Blessed Father Damien by a member of his order, translated into English in 1955. I have read a few biographies of the Leper Priest and this may well be the finest.

Fr. Vital details the life of Father Damien using his own letters and the letters and anecdotes of those who knew him, both family and his friends. The manner of his writing makes it difficult to set the book down.

During the course of my reading, I came upon the following quotation of the soon-to-be-Saint that is most fitting for today's celebration of the 46th World Day of Prayer for Vocations:
If they love their priest, they will easily love our Lord, since the priest is His minister.
These are good words for each of us to ponder today.

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