18 May 2009

The first visit

In just over an hour I will make my way to my future parishes in Virden and Girard to meet with Fr. August Sperl, who has ministered to the people in Virden for the past twenty-six years.

Fr. Sperl served as Pastor of Sacred Heart parish in Virden from 1983-1995. Since 1995 he has served as Parochial Administrator of the same parish.

He was appointed Parochial Administrator of St. Patrick parish in Girard in 2008.

At 89 years of age, Fr. Sperl is the oldest serving priest in the Diocese; I am the youngest serving. Up until a few years ago, Fr. Sperl could still be found riding his motorcycle and skiing.

Never having done this before, I'm not quite sure what to expect from this initial visit. I will let Fr. Sperl take the lead.

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