31 May 2009

The things we leave behind

Each week after Mass people leave various things behind. We find umbrellas, books, cheerios, sunglasses, gloves, hats, toy cars, and even the occassional note left by a non-denominational fundamentalist who lacks the charity even to sign their name (such notes are rare and are promptly disregarded).

Today I found something that we have not found before: a music CD. (For the curious, the CD is 3rd Strike's lost angel.)

I've not heard of them before and the CD is scratched beyond repair, which probably accounts for its being left behind (though I'm not sure why it would have been brought into the church in the first place). With the aid of Google, I'm not sure the group is one I would enjoy.

Perhaps after Mass we should have an announcement asking people to check for their belongings like we hear before exiting an airplane.

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