26 August 2007

What's in a name?

Over at Adam's Ale there is a good post about names and giving names.

For the curious, Daren seems to come from the Persian Darius, meaning "great one." My middle name, Joseph, means something like "increase of faith." As I was baptized and confirmed on the day of my birth, I do not have a confirmation name. My last name seems to come from Swabia and means "a small tenth," like a tithe.


  1. That was pretty interesting Father. My name means star in Persian. It is only as an adult that I have come to appreciate it. Too old fashioned when I was a kid. I was confirmed as a baby so I don't have a Confirmation name either. My middle name is Cristina (which I really like for obvious reasons) Joey's Japanese's name means Temple of Wisdom.

  2. Anonymous12:44 AM

    My name means anointed by Christ, belonging to Christ, or follower of Christ. My parents claim they didn't choose it for any of those reasons (considering my dad was atheist/agnostic when I was born, I believe them...). That being said, I don't think my given name is an accident, God had it all planned out - it is actually quite fitting. Unlike most names the name itself clearly identifies who I truly am.

  3. Baptized and confirmed on the day of your birth?

    Were we nearly deprived of you?

  4. Yes, very nearly.

    My twin, Matthew William, and I were born about six weeks permature, coming into the world on Easter Sunday during a great ice storm that effectively shut down most of central Illinois.

    We had tumors of some kind in our throats and were unable to breathe properly. Matthew did not survive. The doctors performed a tracheotomy on me and here I am.