17 August 2007

The battle wages on

Yesterday afternoon I finally reached my contact at the Associated Press after waiting for a returned phone call from him for two and a half weeks (I left two voice messages in the meantime).

He said he had been trying to get someone closer to the original article to contact me, but nobody would because the AP is "standing by" their story, despite the evidence that the article is false.

He apologized for not being able to assist me further - which I understand - and he gave the name and number for the Director of Media Relations.

I spoke with him just before soccer practice. He seemed sincere in wanting to understand my difficulty with the story and why I would continue to press on after a month and a half. I explained it very simply to him, citing the article and the documents. He asked me to email him that same succinct explanation and I did so on the soccer bench while the soccer players ran laps around the field. A strange place from which to e-mail, but the e-mail had to be sent quickly.

The DMR of the AP responded quickly, saying that he would look further into thisand get back to me shortly.


  1. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Bravo for pressing on. Many would have let it go out of frustration by now.