14 August 2007

A thought about soccer practice

I need to start drinking water like it's DrPepper.


  1. Shouldn't be difficult. You already drink Dr. Pepper like it's water.

  2. That Dr. Pepper will rot your teeth. Also, I heard that he isn't really a doctor, he's just a Chiropractor!

  3. Beez, I won't dispute that DrPepper will rot teeth, but the taste might well be worth the risk :)

    Incidentally, the DrPepper Museum web site has a new look: www.drpeppermuseum.com

    As for the inventor of the King of the Beverages, he is beleived to have been Charles Alderton, a pharmacist.

  4. Why not just put the link in the sidebar? We all know about your little liquid addiction, so it wouldn't shock anyone.

  5. Drinking water like it's Dr. Pepper....

    I'm not even going to comment.