16 August 2007

Humorously irritating

You might recall that last week I set to work at cleaning out the class room in which I will be teaching at our high school.

Today I received word that I will no longer be teaching in that class room.

The secretary had joked last week that she would move me every year so all of the rooms would get a thorough cleaning; I suppose I should have taken her more seriously!

The whole situation is humorously irritating. I spent four or five hours cleaning up that classroom. Oh well. The new teacher in the room will no doubt enjoy my efforts.

Tomorrow afternoon before practice, four of the soccer players will help me move my things (books, chairs, posters, etc.) to the new room.


  1. Four or five hours? How dirty was it?

  2. Offer it up! ;)

  3. It wasn't very dirty but it was filled with a lot of stuff that had to be sorted.

    That I will, Beez!

  4. guadalupe9:11 AM

    Do you have to clean the new room?

  5. Unfortunately, yes; but it won't be as bad as the other room.

    Someone - or a group of them - has already moved my things and now I have to try and remember which of the players were going to help me...

  6. Are you sure they won't change their minds again? Maybe this is a scheme to get the whole school cleaned without paying for it? ;)

  7. It's very possible, but I simply refuse to move.